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How does a software engineer interested in contemporary art find people to make tech-y art projects with?

When I was in school, there was a project where CS students would help code installations at Nuit Blanche. Are there similar projects in NYC, but where being a student isn't required?
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Around here there are Open Reel or Open Movie night where movie and video makers show their stuff. It's fun and you can hook up with prospective filmmakers easily. They'd be super stoked to meet a programmer I bet.
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Maker spaces, groups that do Burning Man type installation art, and maybe some of the Moma affiliated groups are places I would start in NYC. Maybe look for a Processing meetup?
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Keep your eyes open for a hackathon of some variety. There are frequently projects that tend more towards the arty side of things in the ones I go to.
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ITP and Eyebeam tend to be centers for creative code activities; keep an eye out for weekend or public events there.
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The intersection of techy and arty people seems to be the hacker/makerspaces. If you trundle along to a few you’re bound to find a few people doing more art-oriented stuff & they will know where the even more arty groups are. You can follow the chain of connections as deep as you like :)
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Seconding the burning man suggestion, SO MUCH tech art happens there, and there's a regional in new york you can get in touch with.

More locally, Figment is an offshoot of burning man and they do the big art installation/fest every year on Governors Island. There is varying degrees of tech in the installations, but you can definitely meet people through figment who are actively working on the types of projects you're looking for.They are always looking for more people to help out.

I was bumming around briefly with the group that made those bluetooth backpack speaker things that remotely made the bass vibrate through your was very cool, and you can see how little tech oriented I am just from that sentence.

There are a ton of small maker spaces in NYC, and Figment is a really good way to start meeting the people who have the connections to them. Added bonus is it's less hippie than burning man too (I'm a hippie, but only part time).
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What about putting an ad out (and asking for a link to work) - maybe on Craigslist, or on a board at local studio spaces? Or checking stuff out at smaller galleries and collectives (and online) and reaching out to people whose work interests you? Twitter?
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Get in touch with the School for Poetic Computation.
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I also came to suggest keeping an eye out for events run by ITP and the students in that program -- they have shows of student work which are open to the public, and which would be a great way to meet folks with interests similar to yours.
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New York has a very active contemporary art and software scene, and I spend a great deal of my time writing art computer programs.

Indeed, you might need to get more specific. :-D

There's a big Max/MSP community, a lot of it around Harvestworks.

My friends at Babycastles do art video games.

There's this meetup of likeminded people this Wednesday, and I'll likely be there.


If you are looking for projects, and project that will get shown, New York City is a great place for it!

These days I personally am mainly involved with lights (DMX and otherwise) and lasers - but I also do music programming for my music show.

(shameless self-plug here...) On February 5, I got up in the morning, wrote this project to let me "play" strips of ultra-bright RGB LEDs, and showed it that very night at the Planetarium (though generally the time from conception to presentation is much longer...)

(And I personally have all sorts of active art projects to work on, with scopes from "small and flashy" to "multi-year research projects with broad scope" - particularly if you know Python, C++, or Javascript!)

Feel free to drop me a line at tom (at) swirly (dot) com.

(EDIT: and the suggestions in the posts above are good too...)
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While Dorkbot nyc doesn't seem to have been active for a few years, there's resources/people on the website.
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Stop by NYC Resistor on one of the open nights (every Monday and Thursday evening).
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