Looking for a candy tube supplier...
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I am looking for a vendor that can supply about 500-1000 cardboard candy tubes similar to this , but half the size (anything less than an inch in diameter, less than 4 inches in length), AND could also print on the cardboard or possibly add a wrap/cover to it. I would provide them with a design file. Any vendors and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Are you looking for personal referrals, or don't even know where to start looking? Googling "food packaging tubes" brought up this. I used to work for Westvaco, which could do this, but never in that quantity. You'd need to add 3 zeros on each before they'd have any interest.
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If you go with the wrap/cover idea, you may consider contacting a sheltered workshop to apply the wrap/covers to the tubes. Many sheltered workshops employ people with special needs, and many specialize in packaging/assembly.

I've used sheltered workshops in the past for work. Usually you give them a few samples, then they'll do a time study and get you a quote. They're very reasonable and you're helping out a good cause.
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