Anyone have Dec 2015 issue of Shape magazine?
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My friend is trying to remember the list of exercises from an article in Shape magazine with Ellie Goulding on the cover - help?

She's looked for the article online but can't find it. She says the article was towards the back, with black and white photos. It was a list of the top exercises for women. The article starts that a Dr on the Shape advisory board had been testing for the most effective exercises for women. Could you send the list?

Thanks for your help!
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I looked through the whole Dec Shape and there wasn't anything in there like you describe - no article with black and white pictures or one about the top exercises for women.
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Best answer: Looks like it's actually the Jan/Feb 2016 issue - it would have been in stores in December so it makes sense from that perspective. The article is called the Super 7 and the exercises listed are:
1. Plyo push up
2. High knees sprint
3. Speed skater lunge
4. Jump switch lunge
5. Pilates teaser
6. Squat jack
7. Burpee
Hope this helps!
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Response by poster: Thank you both!!
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Best answer: It sounds like you have exactly what you need, but for future reference, a lot of public libraries will give you access to their magazine subscriptions online via Zinio.
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