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Hey Metafilter, my boyfriend and I have fairly divergent tastes in music (I like Kate Wolf and he likes Metallica). We usually end up listening to a lot of podcasts. We're planning on taking a fairly long road trip this spring to go ski around the west. Can you give me some suggestions so I can surprise him with some new listening? Behind the link is a description of what we agree on.

Here's what we DO agree on: singer/songwriter (bands too) stuff that is a little blues, a little bluegrass, a little country, and has a good mix of up-beat/up-tempo songs. Stuff that won't put you to sleep while you're driving. Generally male voices. We love stuff that has lyrics about mountains, the West, stuff with a little humor...
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Best answer: I'm quite sure you're looking for The Mountain Goats, if you've haven't found him yet.
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Josh Ritter maybe? A couple of my favorites here, here and here
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Lord Huron's latest album Strange Trails hits most of your requirements and is really, really excellent.
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Best answer: These are mostly blues-influenced, but there's a little (classic) country and bluegrass in a few of them as well. I'm not a lyrics person, so can't help you there!

The Arcs
The Lone Bellow
Gary Clark Jr
Ryan Adams
Langhorne Slim
Alabama Shakes
Anderson East
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Devil Makes Three
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Also on the blues side but I've been enjoying Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats recently, he doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.
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G. Love & Special Sauce, self titled album and Yeah It's That Easy come to mind.
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JD McPherson
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Response by poster: Here's one album for an example of something that I love, and he likes. "Utah" Jamestown Revival
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Black Diamond Heavies
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Wilco/Billy Bragg, Mermaid Avenue.
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Best answer: First Aid Kit: Singer/songwriter that's a little bluegrassy and a little country. (Though it's women singing.)
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Best answer: Most Definitely Murder By Death -Foxglove or I'm Coming Home or For Those Who Left/For Those Who Stayed
A five piece band that has different concept albums invoking themes relating to Old West Murder Ballads. A touch vaudevillian with variety.. Great instrumentation. Can't recommend them enough, any album!

Andrew Bird? Pulaski at Night
The Builders and The Butchers- Bringing Home the Rain
Deer Tick- Baltimore Blues No.1
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