Let's hear it for communications
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Looking for a picture from, IIRC, one of the early issues of the 1980s era GI Joe comic book. It's a picture of GI Joe member Breaker saying something like "Let's hear it for communications!" I remember it taking up the whole page, but haven't been able to find it online, or in the ebook version of the early comics.
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Is it from this issue? It's called Operation Lady Doomsday / Hot Potato, and someone's described it here. At the very bottom the picture you mention is described:
Breaker is chewing on his signature bubble gum and drinking orange soda, while listening to music on his headphones. He is sitting behind a rock, with lots of planes and missiles going off in the background. His equipment is hooked up to a larger radio on the ground. He's thinking 'Let's hear it for communications!' Someone off screen is shouting "Breaker! BREAKER!"
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Best answer: Here is the page in question, from the above issue.
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