Anybody using Notion for iOS? I need help.
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If anyone is using the app Notion for iOS (music notation app) I could really use some help.

I think I have a bug or the program is just stupid or I don't know how to use it properly. My dream help would be sitting down with someone in person in the NYC area (I would pay for this), but I fear this is too specific.

Basically my problem is that, when I try to edit any beat but the first in a measure, the app immediately edits the first beat instead - it snaps back to the first beat in the measure - no matter what I do. I don't see anybody with this problem in the Notion (PreSonus) forum either. I'm going to ask for official help, but what I'd really like is to sit down (or have a phone conversation) with somebody where I can ask a bunch of questions.
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Is this thread at all helpful?

I'm not a Notion user (though I am a heavy/expert user of desktop notation software) and this sounds from that thread like a limitation of the app. Worth checking: is your version of Notion the most current version?

And if you don't get the answers you need in this thread, I bet I know musicians in NYC who use Notion and would sit down with you for pay – feel free to contact me and I can ask around.
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Thank you, Kalapierson.

That thread helped a lot. Also, I somehow figured that out myself -- that Notion is presuming you're always starting at the first beat of a measure, so you can't put a note on the third beat without putting rests on the first and second beats first.

I find it horrifying that so many of these complex apps have absolutely horrendously inadequate manuals.
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