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Give me your silliest, weirdest, cutest photo editing apps.

I'm far away from the people I love and I find myself increasingly sending photos and selfies to keep in touch. I want to put some variety into my selfie repertoire. Inspired by this question, I'm looking for any iOS apps you use to increase the silliness, weirdness, and adorableness of your photos. Filters, Japanese photo booth stickers, etc.

I don't want to spend more than $1. Cheap thrills only, please.
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If you have critters, (at double your budget) the My Talking Pet app (disclaimer, I've only used the Android version) is stupid and delightful. It's got a voice distorter and you can record messages and make it look like your pets are talking, and it has little borders like twinkly lights you can add around it.

My grandma enjoys getting video messages from my dog.
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Manga Camera! Free but with in-app purchases to get more explosions and lightning bolts and stuff.
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Afterlight has a double exposure setting that is really fun to mess around with.
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Best answer: Animal Face has brought me hours of delight.
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Yahoo Japan's Face Stealer. Previously on MetaFilter.
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I have had tons of fun adding Snoop Dogg and related accessories to my photos with Snoopify.

You might also enjoy Snapeee and Pet Lover Stamp.
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Neko Camera and Pastel Stamp. :)
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Superimpose lets you take a photo, erase the background, and put it on a new background. You have no idea how much you need this app until you have it. I can't remember the price, but I rarely pay more than 99 cents for an app, so I think it's within your price range.
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Nthing catpaint which is a friggin' blast.
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Masquerade is goofy, and slightly problematic, fun. And free!
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