Primary factors impacting academic citations?
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Hi, so I'm a newcomer to citation analysis. Can you recommend some good literature starting points for learning about factors that impact citation rates of journal articles and monographs? I have heard anecdotally that the institution from which an author comes and the journal title itself have significant impact, but I'd like to gain some well-supported insights into what factors have been demonstrated to affect citation rates.

Additional coaching, insights, advice, are very welcome. Thank you.
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You will likely want to use the term "bibliometrics" when researching this topic.

There is a lot of study in this area. General studies are found in information science, but many fields are concerned with who gets cited by whom and how often - as your citation rates (as a scholar) are related to research funding, promotion and tenure, etc.

There are also a few different ways to determine a citation rate and a "score." Are you looking at an "h-index" for example?
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