postapocalypse insect farming
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After reading about the benefits of using insects as a food supply, I'm wondering why insect farming isn't used in the post apocalyptic fiction I've read (or maybe it is, and I have a bad memory). It seems like insect farming would work really well depending on the scenario! Recommend me some stories.
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I don't want to do a major spoiler, but it is shown in the scifi movie Snowpiercer.
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Kameron Hurley's Bel Dame Apocrypha trilogy, a series I describe as "badass female bounty hunters on a Mad Max planet", uses bugs as technology, fuel, and (I think) food. Highly recommended!

Here's the first book, God's War.
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Seconding homodachi. Pretty much the entire economy of Hurley's worldbuilding relies on bugs for food, medicine, etc.
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Insect farming is a reasonably complex industry. Getting a useful protein yield requires a lot of management and some control over pests, temperature and humidity, etc. Pigs and goats are a lot simpler to get to yield especially with abundant post apocalyptic water and forage. (Chickens are actually on the complicated side; eggs and chicken meat were quite expensive until recent industrial advances in the poultry business.)
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MattD, I didn't realize that. Maybe I should take a foray in to non-fiction about insect farming. Do you have any recommendations? (I can also read wikipedia and do a search, but I wouldn't mind some specific recommendations).
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Thanks Michele, It's interesting even though it's not about insects.
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cricket farming article

Mostly about how this is a hot market segment rather than about how it is done.
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