Valentines Day gift ideas for new LDR?
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I'm in a new and wonderfully exciting long distance relationship. I think I want to send (her) a Valentine's day gift. What should I send?

Recently became involved in a 'relationship' with someone who lives in another country (US). It's relatively casual right now, but we did spend about 6 weeks together over the Winter, which was wonderful, and have talked regularly since. We've not made much effort to define the relationship yet--seems too soon, still--but we have both expressed some level of serious commitment to it.

So I'd really like to send a small Valentine's day gift! It will need to be something I can order online that will ship from the US, and probably not flowers (I don't think she's the type for flowers). She (30 years old) is into books, the outdoors, art, etc., but nothing springs to my mind from those general categories.

What is a good, not over the top, fun and small thing that someone might like to get as a gift on this dreaded holiday? It doesn't need to be useful or anything, just something to make someone smile!
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I was in a long distance relationship a million years ago and the guy sent me the following on different holidays: small stuffed orangutan just because (I like orangutans!); assortment of candy on Halloween; some socks from Sock Dreams in the winter; roses on Valentine's Day; box of beads and trinkets and candy around Mardi Gras; a book he liked that I had expressed interest in after we split up. I am not a flowers person and so did not enjoy the roses, but the rest of it was very sweet and cute. A few things came directly from the seller (Sock Dreams, Amazon) but the rest he assembled himself with a card or note. Sock Dreams ships internationally, and I guarantee something on their website (kittens! orcas! waffles!) will make her smile.
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Does she like tea? You could send her a nice chocolate tea. That would be a bit different than the standard Valentine's gift, but still appropriate. One idea here or here. You could pair the tea with one of these cute creature mugs. I received some lovely chocolate tea in my quonsar gift this year and it was much appreciated!
Or what about chocolates? They're classic for a reason. Does she listen to vinyl? How about the new Sleater Kinney album? Or a classic like Bob Dylan, Time out of Mind. Lucinda Williams? Ha ha, can you tell my age? I love music in a situation like this because if you both have a copy of the album you can listen to it and feel a bit bonded even when you're apart.
More ideas.... My go-to for this would typically be a gift from Lush. You could buy a bath set from Lush and they will wrap it really nicely and ship, usually for less than $40. But I think you're a bit too late for that option. Something to consider for the next holiday!
If you're on a tight budget, consider a nice card with a hand-written sentiment. Buy a blank card with a nice image on the front, not a Valentine's Day card. Just because Valentine's cards are typically cheesy. Write a message about how you enjoyed your visit together & you hope to see her soon - something to let her know you remembered her and the holiday. Include a photo of the two of you if you have one.
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I did a movie night in my ldr. I bought a bunch of candy, split it and kept half, mailed the rest with a USB stick with a movie on it and we watched the movie together sharing snacks. You could do a similar thing with a local gift basket or grocery delivery to she shipping time and a Dropbox for the movie file.
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Look around on etsy and see if anything piques your interest. Here are some to get you started.
Message in a bottle
Carved intiials candle
Long distance mug
Wallet card
Succulent heart
Little felted sheep
Or, here's something from the WWF...
Fennec fox adoption kit You could maybe say something about how foxy she is .
You can also adopt a manatee for valentines day but they don't send a cute stuffed animal...they do send a picture and biography of a specific manatee though and it would work with her love of nature.
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Don't assume she doesn't like flowers unless she's deliberately said "I don't like flowers". They're cliche but lovely to get nonetheless. Sending flowers in any situation conveys emotion and thoughtfulness.
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Keep in mind it's Friday, February 12 and Valentine's Day is on Sunday. If you're hoping to get something by Sunday, it'll have to be flowers that you can order + deliver on Saturday. Some florists will also be doing Sunday deliveries, but don't count on being able to organize that.

Many florists also have nice plants - orchids are gorgeous, romantic and last for weeks. Succulent planters are a wonderful Valentine's gift because they look like the spring to come! They probably have other houseplants too.

Or have her favorite pizza delivered, with some ice cream, and you can order pizza where you are, and you can eat together over Skype :-)
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Barnone makes a lot of good points. I second the idea of buying her dinner and dessert!
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