Feminist and/or lesbian and/or butch-femme artwork!
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Hey, I'm looking for artwork to hang around my house. It can be public domain (something I can download and print) or something I can order online. I want drawings, paintings, photos, etc. of women - all women, plus women with women, plus butch women with femme women, plus queer wo/men.

*Currently hanging around my house: Egon Schiele, Klimt, Modigliani, postcards drawn by friends, photos of women doing things, photos of naked women (the artsy kind, not the porny kind).

**Does tumblr work for this kind of thing? I've tried looking around and haven't found a whole lot.
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I don't know about the availability of individual photos, but if you're not familiar with Meg Allen's work, you should be! (There was an fpp in December.)
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Not sure if you want art exclusively by women, and I'm not sure if he's selling prints, but I've been following and enjoying Mikael Owunna's portrait series of LGBTQ African immigrants.
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Canadian illustrator Jilian Tamaki worked on the Folio Society's edition of Rosetti's (obvs super salacious and gay) "The Goblin Market", and her illustrations are lovely. I bought a print of one of those illustrations off of her website.

I don't have a source offhand for prints, but you should look into the paintings of Jeanne Mammen and Romaine Brooks for more early-20th-century art featuring butch and queer women.
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A search for "queer art" on etsy pulls up a lot of interesting options, as a place to start.
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If you're into Art Deco, I like Tamara De Lempicka quite a lot for portraits/depictions of women.
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Nikki McClure is a good one.
I seriously wish I could find a place to buy Emily Carroll prints. I mean, look at this!
Here's a gallery of 100 queer women artists that might give you some ideas.
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I have a huge blown up panel from "Catwoman: When In Rome" on my wall. If you are into any comics, you can scan and blow up any frame you like. I'm considering doing that with some of Annie Wu's new Black Canary.
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Kelly Bastow Is a young Canadian female artist with lots of great prints. I've ordered from her and she's fantastic, and often throws in some bonus prints for free.

Skin prints - naked ladies of various sizes and colours
Kinship painting - more naked ladies with variety
Accord prints - clothed ladies of various styles
Vivacious ink drawing - smoking hot ladies with curves

She's also on Tumblr.

I found her via Khale McHurst's Tumblr which frequently has lesbian art and photography along with comics, mental health stuff and eating disorder recovery/loving your body stuff.
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I have this photo from Shorpy up in my office. They have a fair amount of this type of WW2 Rosie the Riveter stuff, if you poke around.
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