Where can I find a bathrobe in Toronto?
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I'm looking for a super-comfortable bathrobe for my wife. I'm in in Toronto, and I need to buy it locally (no time to order it). Little help?

My wife and I will celebrate our 2nd wedding anniversary soon and I'd like to get her a gift that matches the traditional style (i.e., cotton). She's mentioned that she'd like a bathrobe -- the short kind that goes about mid-thigh, not the long style -- and I'd like to get her a really nice, soft one. If a bathrobe's comfy she likes to spend the whole day in it, and I'm not about to discourage such behaviour. I'm thinking Frette, but if someone knows better I'm all ears.
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I love my Barefoot Dreams robe. I got it at Nordstroms, I'm not familiar with Toronto, but the company says: For information on carrying Barefoot DreamsĀ® products in a retail store, or to find a store that carries our products near you, please contact us at: 818.707.8848.
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Yeah, that's the one I was going to suggest too. It's RIDICULOUSLY soft and comfortable - I've bought the blankets and hoodies for oodles of friends/family and *every single one* of them has loved it. But the hoodie is a regular sweatshirt length (too short for a robe) and the robe is really long. So it's not ideal. You could definitely get it hemmed though.
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Call Holt Renfrew and ask what they have -- they'll have some kind of luxurious robe, I'm sure.

This one is gorgeous and the right length - I bet they could do 2-3 day delivery for you.

Kathryn's Lingerie
is a nice lingerie/PJ store on Yonge - call them and ask if they have mid-length robes before going down.
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Last year for Christmas my boyfriend got me one of these Kashwere robes. I'm not sure where you can get it in Toronto or if its the right length, but I swear to you it's the softest, comfiest, cuddliest thing I've ever worn.
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There's a bedding/linens store on Yonge, about 4 or 5 blocks north of Eglinton (north of "Restoration Hardware") on the West side of the street. I can't remember the name but they had sets of fancy women's pyjamas in the window last xmas. I'd bet they have nice robes too.
I bought a white bathrobe by Polo for my mom at the Bay a few years back.
Holt Renfrew is a great suggestion.
I think I saw some women's bathrobes in the lingerie section of the Gap last week - I'm now in the U.S. though, so ymmv :)
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My co-worker went to a spa a coupla weeks ago and swears that the robes from telegraph hill are the ultimate. I didn't explore the site, but she says they have free shipping and lots of color combos (very silky rayon or something one color exterior /terry interior another color) She says they dry really quickly, are truly plushy and fell in love. This is a terrific gift, I'm sure. I gained several brownie points with my sister 2 years ago by giving her a really nice bathrobe (not from here) cuz I knew she had just gotten a hot-tub. My co-worker also said that Telegraph Hill's robes were on several best-of lists. So definitely check them out.
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Oh shit. I just really read your post. Sorry...damn!
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i visited my mom this weekend and her sister in law gave her this ultra nice heavy fleece robe...it's real fluffy and she loves it....it came from eddie bauer....

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