Orthopedist recommendations in Manhattan?
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Boy, did I mess up my knee. A sudden wrench, and . . . . it has since healed to the point where it basically doesn't hurt for regular walking and standing, but when I put any kind of sideways pressure on it or put weight on it while it is bent (as when going up or down stairs) it is extremely painful. This has been going on for a few months now and not improving, so perhaps it is time to go to the doctor. Can anyone recommend a good orthopedist in Manhattan? Thanks.
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Riverside Orthopaedics, Columbus Circle.
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I very highly recommend Sabrina Strickland. She works out of the Hospital for Special Surgery, and though she specializes in womens sports injuries, I've seen every stripe of patient in her waiting room when I've gone, young old, male, female, in shape and out.
I've got incredibly bad knees, and she's the main reason I'm still able to walk today without having to go through knee replacement surgery.
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The folks at the Hospital for Special Surgery are almost uniformly amazing.
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I saw Dr. Meyerson last summer when I wrenched my knee. He was great! Dr. Robert Meyerson And when you're ready for PT, email me because my physical therapist made my knees even better than they were before.
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Second Riverside Orthopedics.
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Dr. Jacob Rozbruch. He's in the UES. Very thorough, and patiently explains things to you when you have a million questions.
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Dr. Craig Dushey at Manhattan Orthopedics.
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Response by poster: Thank you all so much.
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