Websites that have a background video of a landscape on the front page?
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I'm looking for websites that have an autoplaying, looping background video of a landscape on the front page, color or black and white both OK. I'm trying to work out the options with a website like this with a client and we are in search of additional examples. Thanks!
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airbnb? At least sometimes.
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The Modern House has subtle animations on its main pages.
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WSECU plays through a series of random (non-looping) videos, most of which are landscapes.
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Not clear if you want actual landscapes or just photos in landscape orientation. If the latter, here's the WVU Libraries front page.
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Does the NYT's Best Cities to Visit count? Some are pictures, some are looping movies.
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Univeristy of Tampa has a looping video, but I'd recommend avoiding one if possible. HTML 5 video works well, but chews up bandwidth like crazy. Getting a YouTube video to loop seamlessly is nearly impossible (and costs the user more bandwidth). And neither works on mobile. Just a ton of headaches for little gain.

Maybe a cinemagraph is a better option for a landscape?
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