Corporate housing or short or long term housing in Sacramento, CA?
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Hi, all. We're considering relocating to Sacramento (leaning towards midtown or the East side) and need to find short term housing while we get the lay of the land. Corporate housing seems insanely expensive ($125.00 per day! wtf?); is there another way to rent a furnished 2 bedroom place that's not airbnb or craigslist?

Basically, we want to give Sacramento a go; the Bay Area where I was born and raised (and prefer to live) is simply too expensive to justify living there. We're traveling with some expensive computer equipment and camera gear, so safety (both the neighborhood and the rental itself) is our primary concern, followed closely by cost. If you think it's better to rent/lease elsewhere in or around the city itself, please suggest those options as well.

We'd planned on a 1 month corporate rental in Sacramento and hoped to find a house, townhouse or condo to rent or lease for 6 months to 1 year after that, but if you know of a fantastic place or area we should jump right into a lease on, please let me know. We work from home so a safe neighborhood is a must; we also do a lot of cooking so a modern kitchen is preferable, washer and dryer in unit, central heat and air, at least a one car garage in a safe neighborhood. Long-term, we'd really love to live near a hip, walkable area like McKinley Park or midtown, but are not averse to living elsewhere if we could get more bang for our buck and the house is very nice. We like the idea of living where all of the action is, but truth be told, we're homebodies who value a quiet place to retreat to more than a bar-hopping, loud, "happening" neighborhood. Close to the action, but not in it would be ideal.

Roseville is out, unfortunately, because of the controversy surrounding cancer and Roseville's Union Pacific Railyard pollution.

Thanks very much in advance!
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$125 is the going rate. In our apartment complex in Atlanta, we have a two-bedroom furnished unit that rents for $100 per night. Now, I know they make deals on it for longer stays, so my advice is to call around to different rental communities, see if they have a furnished unit, and see if they'll make you a deal for one month.
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Contact a Realtor in Sacto -- IME they pay more attention to phone calls than emails -- ask them if they handle short-term rentals. Large apartment complexes always have vacant units; contact their managements companies to see what's empty & rentable. Cut some items from your want list for just the first month.
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Response by poster: Thanks Ruthless Bunny and Jesse the K; great ideas. I'll try calling around and cutting a deal for the first 30 days.

If anyone else has suggestions on which neighborhoods we should check out, please let me know. (I've crossed midtown off of my list for the time being; too expensive and possibly too noisy due to proximity to the freeway.) TIA!
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East Sac, Land Park, or South Land Park are your best bets. I also recommend contacting realtors directly. I can't think of any short-term rental networks in the area...

FYI I live in Sacramento and love it - please feel free to reach out of you need neighborhood info!
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Response by poster: Thanks very much, brynna!
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Response by poster: For anyone following up on this question, we ended up contacting a few realtors and several apartment complexes, but found the place we eventually rented on our own. Go figure. All three of your answers were very helpful though, so thank you very much!

One thing I'd like to dissuade others from wasting time on are the listings in All of the properties we viewed (except one) were seriously underwhelming in real life compared to the photos posted online. They were also dingy, sad-looking and very overpriced for the condition they were in (imho). The one exception was a gorgeous, newly renovated place in South Land Park that was snapped up in a matter of days. That place was also listed on Trulia too, so that may have something to do with it... Anyway, we found that the best deals in the areas Brynna mentioned go extremely quickly, so if you're planning on moving to the area, have all of your ducks in a row beforehand, i.e. credit report, check stubs, money for deposit, etc.

There are lots of excellent properties just outside of Sacramento though, if you don't mind commuting for work and play. Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln, Granite Bay, etc are very safe and friendly communities.
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