Custom-made plastic (?) dividers in Toronto or Canada?
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I own a record shop and am tired of paying high prices (and insane shipping) for plastic record dividers that invariably break. I think I can get someone to cut or create me my own but have no idea what the technical terms are that I need to search in order to find a company to do it. I'm in Toronto and would like to meet with someone locally. What should I be googling? Thanks.
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Plastic fabrication? This place, Plas-Tech, is in/near Toronto. If you take a photo of what you use now with all dimensions and quantity, they should get you a quote pretty quick.
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Would wood work? A cabinet shop could whip you up some out of a thin plywood.
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You can get these done at an acrylic fabriactor. ANY acrylic fabricator. Like they may make high-end displays for cosmetics or weird props or POS displays or whatever but they will all make these for you. I have had so much weird random shit made by so many acrylic fabricators, and they will do fairly small runs as well. Send dimensions and ask for quotes. You can also ask them to advise on thickness so they won't break, either!
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How about corrugated plastic (in the US you can find them at DickBlick art supply)? I bet if you talked to a sign company (they have them here and they make signs out of it) you could get them to rig a jig and run you off a dozen every so often.
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One thing that I would consider is avoiding acrylic, and looking at using polycarbonate sheet (branded as Lexan Thermoclear) instead. While your materials costs will go up, the final product will be almost impossible to break. Any mill-work shop or fabricator that works in acrylic would have the tools to work with it, and it can be bought by the sheet at Home Depot, or for a broader variety of colours and thicknesses, try EM Plastics.
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I agree with cpdavy that it's fairly straightforward to find durable plastics for such things. Just so we know the situation a little better, how much do these things normally cost you?
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Do you have any sort of custom glass place nearby? They can generally also deal with/cut plexi and other plastics for custom shelves. I wonder if they could either do some custom cutting for a bulk price or recommend something else. It's a pretty basic shape to cut, which you may be able to do yourself with the proper tools, too.
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