How to Stop MacBook connecting to Work Wifi When I'm at Home
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I live close enough to my work, that sometimes my MacBook will connect to my work's wifi, even when I'm at home (particularly if I forget to disconnect from work's wifi before leaving). Do you have any lateral thinking ideas of how I can ensure that when I'm home, my computer automatically connects to my home network? Just the one or two times I forget to disconnect from work, I'll probably end up with my Netflix etc coming through my work's wifi, which wouldn't be great. Thank you!
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Do you work regular enough hours that you can set some scheduled tasks on your computer to connect to the home network?
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You could use network locations. It's not "automatic" but you can select your location from the pull-down menu, so you can always know what location you are "at".
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Also, once you have set up two or more locations in Network preferences, you can pull down the Apple Menu and select the location from its Locations menu.
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You can reorder the list of networks such that your home network takes precedence over your work network. However, you might then find yourself connecting to your home network when at work! You can do this in System Prefs - Networking - wifi adapter - Advanced - Networks, from memory.

Personally I use tool called Controlplane to notice when I plug my MacBook Pro into my Thunderbolt Display at work and use that to trigger turning off wifi (as an example) - the tool has lots of options for "events" which trigger actions related to lots of things (including networking) so you might find it helpful in this situation to switch between networks, if you can find a reliable trigger.
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As snap, crackle and pop says, I find it very useful to change the network connection order. Sometimes you get the opposite of what you want when you're in the opposite place, but, you choose the connection order that's the "safest."
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