Can Anyone identify this font or something close to it?
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Can anyone identify the font used to spell out 'Beach Party'? Bonus points if it is available for free somewhere! Gratzi
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It's almost certainly hand lettering, not a font. Note that the A's are different (the feet don't match).
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In caps, you could get close with Luckiest Guy. Have you already browsed 50's fonts?
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Yeah, it's probably hand lettering, but you could use two similar free fonts to vary any common letters. Here are two:
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Hand-lettered, but very similar to Ad Lib.
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It's definitely hand-drawn.
I also recommend Ad Lib. It's an oldie, but a goodie.
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Is Tack-o-rama offline? They had some great mid-century fonts and clip art.
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Yeah, that's modified Ad Lib. The text block above that says "It's what happens when 10,000 kids..." is set in that typeface.

Here's a free font called Tiki Tropic that's similar.
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