Name that Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Accident
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I remember there being a manufacturing process accident (I think pharmaceutical) where the temperature of the reactor was out of specification and then the product had the wrong properties. This accident happened a long time ago and in my mind had a role in helping shape GMP.

I am also open to other interesting examples of manufacturing process accidents because cGMP were not followed (or didn't exist in the place/time) of the small temperature change type variety. Also, I'd love for these accidents to have existing utube videos.
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The Devonport Incident?
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U.S. GMP arguably originated in the 1962 Kefauver Harris Amendment to the FDCA, in the aftermath of the Thalidomide controversy. But that had less to do with manufacturing process control than it did efficacy and safety testing.

Are you thnking of the 1970s septicemia outbreaks that were traced to contaminated IV products? Or the EMS outbreak related to L-tryptophan production processes?
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There's the example of people trying to make the street drug MPPP and instead making the neurotoxin MPTP. I remember a chemistry professor telling me that it was due to poor temperature control, but I can't find the documentation anywhere. Obviously not related to GMP, but maybe still interesting.
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I'm not sure of any specific incident, but if you're trying to research it you might want to look up ICH in addition to FDA.
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