So many MOOCs, so little time
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Is there a site which ranks/aggregates data about the quality of MOOCs?

I'm interested in taking a college-level course online (paid or unpaid) and I am overwhelmed by the available options. I'd like to brush up on statistics and data science and am looking for compelling teachers who use interesting materials and methodologies in their instruction. This is mostly for my own interest. I'm not trying to gain college credit. Given the fact that MOOCs have existed for a few years there must be an emerging consensus on which courses are really awesome. Is there a site which ranks/aggregates/reviews the quality of MOOCs?
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Massive Open Online Course for those, like myself, who don't know what a MOOC is.
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Class Central aggregates and reviews MOOCs. I have no idea how reliable they are.
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I've used CourseTalk, and the reviews for the couple courses I've taken sound accurate.
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