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My job's dress code is extremely strict, to the point where I might as well just reduce my stress level and buy several of the same thing to wear every day. The most important, hard-to-find item: a goldilocks dress shirt. Details inside.

I am looking for a women's button-down dress shirt for a repeating-outfit overhaul of my work clothes. I am sick and tired of having to think in the morning and just want to put fabric on my body without really turning my brain on.

I am not a hard to fit person, but this has still been a struggle.

The most important thing is that it have princess darts and some stretch, so that I can get it with a very close fit for layering under jackets or not, depending on the season.

Ideally it would also be long enough to be tucked under my skirts without popping up when I'm sitting, and have thick enough fabric that I don't need to put anything under it to avoid showing my bra. For the same reason, it should come in black and/or gray.

I do not want to iron it, and I do not own an electronic dryer, so it needs to be something that can be washed and hung up to try and be and more or less wrinkle-free.

I'm not looking to spend more than about $25-40 each. I hope that's not unreasonable. If it really hits EVERY box, I might be willing to go above that.

Yes I am aware it's a little weird in some places to wear the same thing every day. Where I live and work, it's not all that weird.
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Letting us know what country/region you are in will help us know what places will ship to you and what places you can reasonably get to to try things on.

I'm thinking that you might have to up your budget somewhat, but if you can wait a bit to spring on a sale you might hit your price mark.
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Maybe Express's "Essential" shirt? They're a bit more expensive but they do go on sale and have coupons. They're the first thing I thought of for princess seams, most other shirts have darts. For example this one $20 and they're having an extra 40% off sale. Here's a black one. I have one in green and it's nice, thick, high quality with some stretch. I think you should be able to wash and hang dry without ironing but I don't know for sure.
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Best answer: You might like these Uniqlo shirts. They fit very slim and have a little stretch to them; they also hang dry wrinkle-free!
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Response by poster: Oh, sorry - I'm in Japan.
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I do not know if this is much help as I am a male, but I really like the materials Van Heusen uses for their men's casual dress shirts. Mostly that they are comfortable, fit well, and usually do not need ironing. Especially their Traveler line. I am not sure how this translates to the women's lines, but this one seems to have most of what you are looking for. I would recommend going to one of their outlets nearby to try, or a department store that carries them.
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Eddie Bauer makes the shirt you have described, but it's above your price point and I don't know if it's available in Japan.
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If you're in Japan, Blue Jello Elf's Uniqlo suggestion seems like a good one to follow up on--Uniqlo is based in Japan and you should be able to go to a store in person, and afterwards order from the Japanese website.
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Uniqlo shirts often don't have darts, but you can get them darted at a tailor for pretty cheap. They're designed for it.
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Uniqlo is stick straight and - in the US at least - not that cheap even before tailoring. If that is not true in Japan, then I envy you! I like their oxford shirts but cannot deal with the lack of shaping.

Anyway. At that price point, and since you're looking for "career" rather than "trendy", I suggest you regularly check out Target and Old Navy (if they're in Japan) which both target your needs. U.S. examples:



I know they are not in the colors you said, but both retailers move stock pretty fast so I recommend checking every couple of weeks. Eventually it'll happen and you should pounce.

Also, H&M and Forever 21 (if they exist in Japan) may have something, but it'll depend on the trend du jour. I did get an emergency interview blouse (white, darts, reasonably tailored) at H&M one summer but it took four stores. Everything else was billowy crap.
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Just wanted to note that via Blue Jello Elf's link, I'm (happily) wrong re: Uniqlo shirt pricing!
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