What are your favorite health innovation podcasts?
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I've enjoyed Tim Ferriss, Bulletproof Radio, Extreme Health Podcast and ReWild Yourself with Daniel Vitalis. What are some other good podcasts that address innovative/cutting edge health & science stuff? A little woo is OK.
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Best answer: I had a good time with the early Paleo Solution podcast, although I haven't listened in a couple of years. (I will note that he changes some of his early positions later on in response to new data, which is why I like him, but also double-check his assertions if you start from the beginning.)
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I listen to these three regularly: Chris Kresser, Balanced Bites, and Harder to Kill Radio. The Jassa Podcast is pretty good, too.
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Rhonda Patrick's FoundMyFitness podcast is often very interesting. Website / iTunes
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I like Grow, Cook, Heal, though as the title indicates, each podcast comprises cooking and gardening along with health topics.
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Not all of them, but Art of Charm has had a number of guests that talk about this topic.
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Best answer: Since you said a little woo is OK, check out Rich Roll's podcast. Nutrition, fitness, longevity focused. Pretty high quality guests, too.
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