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Is there any way to set up a user on Quickbooks so that she can only view certain years? I see how to restrict her from editing those years but I don't want her to be able to see anything before 2014. I'm using Quickbooks Pro 2012.
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The short answer is "not easily and the one way I know is not intended for that purpose and makes life unnecessarily difficult". The long answer is that there might be other ways to achieve whatever goals you're trying to achieve here by doing this, without actually condensing the data and keeping multiple company files, but that depends on what those goals are. Are there particular transactions that include sensitive information of some variety? Is this an employee bookkeeper, a tax preparer, an outsider doing some kind of audit?
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Response by poster: We had a bigger business with a small side business (all in one company). The big business got taken over by another company at the beginning of 2014 and now we are growing the side business. We have a new person who's going to manage the side business but my boss doesn't want to let her see all the info from the old big business. I just want a way to split off everything from 2014 on and just give her that, basically.
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Best answer: Even Enterprise doesn't allow for this. You can only prevent editing of closed periods. Your only option is to put the "new" business in its own company file, which seems unlikely to be worth the hassle.
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