Simple task/timeboxing apps that let me plan tasks on a calendar
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I am looking for an app that ideally works on Mac/iPad/Android that lets me keep a list of tasks and then plan those tasks on a calendar on a specific date and time. Due dates are not good enough, I really want to specify that I will do task X on Tuesday from 10.00-10.30. I then want to see a calendar view with all my planned tasks for the day/week, as if they were appointments.

I could use the OSX calendar app for this and add the tasks as appointments but I would much prefer one app with task management features, where I can mark a task as done, get a log of the things I did, etc. I don't want to use a separate task manager and calendar.

I don't need full project management features. I don't have a team, I don't have milestones. I just want to plan my todo's in a calendar. Ideally the todo part does have good subtask support, I want to be able to plan those subtasks in my calendar. This probably does depend on the structure of the app a bit, so it's not a must have, but I'm using Trello now, and there there's no way to attach due dates to subtasks, you have to convert them to cards first, and I feel like my board gets too cluttered if I make a card for every small todo item.
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The app called Glass might work for the scheduling but I'm not sure if it has what you want for sub tasks. Check it out though, it's pretty neat.
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Response by poster: Thanks! That does look nice, but it's iPhone only and I don't have an iPhone. I'm surprised there apparently aren't many apps/sites/tools that do this.
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