Superbowl 2nd Screen suggestion. I'll have 2 TV's showing...
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I imagine the second one showing like live stats! but can I get it?

Should I have endless loop of the left shark? J/K, I'll have a 106" projector as the main and a smaller one to the right of it showing... you tell me. I have any option but I currently have a hdmi tv with a Roku connected but could easily connect a laptop.
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Puppy bowl! Puppy bowl puppy bowl puppy bowl. Puppy bowl.
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I'm gonna break with the crowd here... nah. Puppy Bowl.
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Squarespace is having comedians Key and Peele do live commentary on the game here.
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There is also Kitten Bowl III
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If you care about stats, you could hook up your laptop and set up the Gamecast from ESPN. But unless you have some really serious football fans watching, that's probably going to bore you to death.

One of my friends works at a startup that does prop bets during games. Stuff like "will Peyton Manning throw a touchdown pass before Cam Newton?" or "will Luke Kuechly have seven tackles before halftime?" Even if you don't actually bet, that might be a way to keep the game interesting. I don't remember the name of it, but if you're interested, I can look it up.
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