Number Slammed by Tmo Rep – What's fair compensation?
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My brother's in college, so to help him out, I thought I'd see about adding him to my Tmo family plan, so I called them on Sunday to see about the prices… Then we both were without service until tonight. What should I ask for?

When I called Tmo the support rep was really pushy about getting my brother's current (Verizon) account number & PIN to "make sure we can port the number." (Pushy as in: calling back while I was on the phone with my brother about that info. Twice.)

Well, as soon as I gave the rep the info, the line cut off, and I called back to discover that the rep had replaced my number with my brother's! That means he was without service, and I received all his calls (and none of my own) until it was finally fixed (with great difficulty) today.

I think the original rep was acting sleazy – do they receive a sign-up bonus or something – and I'd like remuneration, but what do I ask for???
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You could ask them to prorate your billing start date to the time service actually started on your brother's line and take the few days off your line. I wouldn't expect more than some money off one month's bill though.
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Best answer: So, different situation (cable TV, contractor sales person decided to upgrade our service without actually asking anyone) but same basic idea - someone did something underhanded to hit a sales bonus. I called them on it and they did credit me for the price difference for a few months.

I'm with toomanycurls, I would go in asking for a month's credit for each line, being prepared that the end result will probably be somewhat less than what you want. I assume your brother is not under contract with Verizon or else you should probably ask them to pay any early termination fee that his leaving Verizon triggered.
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If this was a wireline number, the FCC has pretty strict rules about that. I would second asking for a month of service and also file a complaint with the FCC or your own state's Public Services Commission. That page tells you which one to use based on your state.
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