Find that song: Hearts, Stars and Diamonds
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Years ago (possibly before YouTube?) a friend sent me a link to a video of a girl singing a wonderfully horrible, super-catchy song with a title/chorus that was something like “hearts, stars and diamonds”; if not that exactly, then something close. Does this song still exist somewhere online?

I’d love to hear this song again, but I can find almost no trace of it online today, except for a single offhand mention in a random forum thread about “the worst song ever made in the history of the human race.”

Does anyone else remember this song or have any idea where to find it? I need to feed this earworm!
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Sawdust & Diamonds.
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I'm enjoying listening to Sawdust & Diamonds now, but the mysterious song I'm thinking of is much more in the vein of someone like Rebecca Black than Joanna Newsom. I suspect the song in question was probably written by the (very) non-professional singer in the video I saw. The lyrics and tune were... not sophisticated.
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Hitting a bit of a dead end since it seems the original video has been taken down, but I did find a few really gross forum discussions that seem to be about a techno song from 2007, which I won't link but can be found by googling these urls:

Defunct YouTube link:
Defunct MySpace:
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Longshot - any chance it's Run Like Mad by Jann Arden? (suits of armor! hearts and arrows! hey hey hey yeah!)
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Is the singer Sondra Prill? I've found a lot of links and videos but not that song specifically.
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I think contraption is on the right track, though it does seem to be a dead end. After doing some more Googling and reading many unkind posts on Fark and elsewhere, I feel confident that this song was by someone called Sally Jean and was making the rounds in early 2007. The main lyric was "every time I see you I get hearts, stars and diamonds in my eyes."

However, this little gem seems to have vanished from the Internet completely, which I didn't even think was possible. And that certainly makes me a sad panda.
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