Name my blog about race and racism
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I'd like to start a blog to provide links each day to informative writing and videos about race and racism. I'd like a good name for it and ideas for theme days, like Wednesdays focused on White fragility. Straightforward and cute names both accepted (and opinions on which one is better).

Ideally I'd have days focused on history, current events, systemic racism, concepts like microaggressions, White privilege, colorblindness (not actual colorblindness), and cultural appropriation. Or I could just ignore the day and just tag each link with the appropriate tag. I'm planning to do this on Tumblr with Twitter.

I'm happy to get opinions on naming, whether and how to do days of the week, and just generally on starting this blog as a White person.
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Theme name idea: whiteness visible
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WHITE TEARS WEDNESDAY (I love this phrase but it may be trademarked by VSBs)
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Fragile White Wednesday?
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Below is my take as someone who blogs and has a long history of being unintentionally but highly controversial:

just generally on starting this blog as a White person.

I will suggest you be very careful to frame the blog as "this thing I am learning more about and would like to foster conversations about". Try like hell to not be preachy or sound like you think you have all the answers. That will read as "White-splaining." And while I think there are some valid points that get left out when we bend over too far backwards to make sure people of color get heard, I don't really see any point in doing a blog about race and racism as a White person if you aren't going to make a serious effort to not White-splain. Whites already own and run the majority of major media outlets, so we have plenty of White-washed opinions and information sources out there. Adding one more preachy White voice to the mix strikes me as "oh, why bother?" and also a great way to attract tons of hate mail. But I can see loads of value in "Hi. I am a White woman, sharing my journey of discovery and self education on this topic."

I will suggest that, unless you are incredibly organized and already have a metric fuck ton of stuff ready to share, doing themed days of the week every single day is likely to be more work than you expect (thus a recipe for failure). Even posting something substantive every single day gets tough. You might try having one day of the week have a theme that you are particularly interested in, but most of the time, tags will be sufficient.

I would be interested in seeing it. If you would be willing to memail me or tweet me when you launch, I would be thrilled to check it out.

Best of luck.

On preview: I would not call it whitewashing. Or white anything. I would admit I am white, I would not strongly emphasize that fact. Maybe something like "Diversity Links" or "Diversity Matters" or something that frames it as "I am a member of the human race fascinated by all the different people of my species, and I just happen to be white." Framing it as "I AM WHITE and talking about race" just smacks of icky things. Emphasize that we are all human. Subtly acknowledge you are treading on dangerous ground because of your skin color. Try to be super respectful in the way you handle it.
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'Pigment of the imagination'?
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Shaded And Jaded

Sharing Privilege
Removing the Color-Blindfold
Can I Touch Your Hair? (tag for micro-aggression)

This topic you're exploring is in my wheelhouse, so PM me if you want to talk anything out.
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Michele in California makes some very good points. Just by calling yourself out as white makes it appear that you see color a little too much. We are all people. Call it 'Building the Bridge' and focus on what we all have in common.
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