Kaiser Providers who specialize with Borderline PD in Denver, CO
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Curious if anyone knows specific counselors who have a knack with BPD in Kaiser's insurance for Denver, CO. I am an adult male in his 40s who has the BPD diagnosis but not been professionally treated with it.

I've spitballed my way through when lacking counseling in the last few years with some DBT and mindfulness books like Linehan and others but that isn't helping in crisis points where I get more scattered. I tend to get way too analytical and can recite stuff like its for a term paper but have poor time applying. I don't want to drain my long-suffering wife, either. I need a solid therapist. I've been fortunate to have insurance but not fortunate with the few counselors thus far. I don't want to sell them down the river yet the few visited were basically CBT and hoping things would work out in maybe 4 visits like a band-aid. One was nice, the other seemed like he didn't really care one way or the other. Getting familiar with BPD and the reading I've done over the many years is a start but ...all head knowledge for me that I have trouble applying. I've let this go to long without learning some formal coping methods.

If you know any BPD links online that are compassionate in information or forum, I'm open to them but that is more tangential. I'm pretty ashamed for some reason and don't like people knowing this label. I appreciate your time and thoughts.
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I can't give you help with recommendations for therapists in Denver. But what really struck me was your statement "I'm pretty ashamed for some reason...." There is a reason. It is BPD. Trust me, I know about this intimately.
You have nothing to be ashamed of. Period. You have ever right to be alive. You have ever right to not be "perfect". None of us are.
I trust you will find the right resources and I trust you will recover.
Male is his 50s, btw.

In peace.
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I can't help with finding one, unfortunately. I have BPD, been through treatment, feel free to mefi mail me (email in profile is inaccurate) if you need to talk.
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Linehan's website has a directory of therapists who have completed DBT training. It looks like there's a facility that offers outpatient treatment in Denver, but I don't know if they take your insurance.
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