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My go-to tall boots for the winter are starting to fail on me. I'm looking for recommendations for a similar, but more durable women's boot!

I am currently wearing the ECCO Rise Gore-Tex Tall Boot. I have only had them for a bit over a year, but the sole on the right boot appears to be failing (numerous tiny cracks when pressure is applied) and letting water in (!) Some quick Googling reveals that the soles of ECCO shoes have been known to crumble away. I'm a bit loath to throw good money after bad to buy a new pair here.

I have loved these boots because they are warm, and waterproof due to the Gore-Tex. I live in Vancouver, and these boots were a godsend last winter, saving me from wearing gumboots all season long. I use public transit to get around, and so I walk a lot (and can strike the pavement prety hard.) Can anyone recommend a similar, hopefully more durable boot at a similar (or slightly higher) price point?

I wear a 38 in these. I typically take a women's 7 or 7.5 in shoes. I'm not sure if I have particularly wide calves, but I have definitely had problems getting my legs into some pairs of tall boots. That said, you might notice that the ECCOs have a strap to adjust the width of the calves - I'm currently wearing it on the narrowest setting, with my jeans tucked in.
I would prefer boots with a zipper, rather than the pull-on kind.
If there is a retailer in Vancouver who sells them (so that I can try them on in person) so much the better.

tl;dr: Find me a pair of tall, durable waterproof boots for the rainy Vancouver winter!
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I have and like Teva De La Vina - I walk a ton too, probably 2-4 miles a day or more. Nordstrom and REI might have them (and I think both have "is it in stock" searches so you can check).
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La Canadienne is made for this situation. Not cheap but incredible quality.

I'd also be contacting Ecco for a refund or replacement.
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I have a pair of Merrells that I have worn all through London, York, Scotland, etc, as well as just in plain old rain / snow / cold here at home. These are not the boots I have but I think they might fit your bill?
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Fryes. They never die, always look gorgeous, and can take any weather. They are worth the money. Amazon has a good selection.
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I cannot stress how much I love my La Canadienne boots. I have two pairs. I wear them in the snow slush and they look pristine when I get to work. They are amazing.

I think I dunked one into a foot of water once on accident and then it leaked only a tiny bit at the zipper such that my sock got a very tiny bit damp. They are 100% impentatrable with snow.

For real they are worth it.
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I have the same Tevas that beyond_pink linked up there, although I also wear Eccos (different ones to yours). The Tevas are really comfy (bouncy soles!) and solid and well made and I not only walk a lot lot but am on my feet all day in general, so mine have had a real workout in the 1.5-2 years or so I've had them. They are totally waterproof even when going through deep puddles. They are definitely lasting better than the Eccos I got around the same time. I've found fit between the two brands very similar too (I'm a size 39 with biggish calves). I got mine from amazon.
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Don't go with Merrell. I'm a dog-walker in Toronto, so I live in puddles/deep snow/ravine conditions. I got a pair last year, and while super comfy they are already cracked on the foot. (I avg. 15km a day 6 days a week)
I've also walked out of 2 pairs of Hunters in under a year.
Sorry I don't have any positive suggestions, but paying close attention to this thread.
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I regularly get a shoe repair place to grind my worn rubber/plastic soles flat and glue on a new sole. There's some craft in shaping the edges to look right afterwards, but the good repair place is good at it.
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I have a pair of Merrell (Tetra Strap) that I have worn all winter long, for three wet winters now. Incredibly considerable and still waterproof. Love these boots.
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I have a pair of Blondo riding boots that I wear all the time in winter. They are super-comfortable and keep my feet dry when it rains. I got my pair for about $199 on sale at Nordstrom and they were worth every penny.
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I just finally got rid of my Merrells (and bought new Merrells) after I realized I'd been wearing them daily for five Scandinavian winters. They were still in good enough nick that a homeless women was happy to take them of my hands. Warm and bouncy is their deal. Like Jesus, super warm.
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Response by poster: Thanks all for the suggestions! I'll report back once I've done my shopping.
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