Someone stole my bank account # and wrote a fake check. What now?
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I got the money back from my bank, closed the compromised account and filed a police report. So... what happens now? What will the police do? What else should I do?

I called my bank to try to find out where the fake check was deposited because I'd like to know if this was due to an online info leak or a local theft, but they said that was a police matter and that they couldn't tell me anything. The police (I live in San Francisco) took my information and issued me a police report number -- this was a couple weeks ago and I haven't heard anything since. Should I call the police and check in on their progress? Or is it just not something I'll ever know, so I should just sit tight? Aside from changing my passwords, closing the compromised account (done) and watching my credit, is there anything else I should be doing?
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This happened to me years ago - someone broke into my storage, found a checkbook, and went to a half dozen banks cashing checks. I was given a call by one bank that was suspicious - they gave me the play by play as they noticed the guy realized he was caught, and run out of the bank before security could detain him.

The bank immediately refunded me all the money (it was a few hundred), but there was no additional followup beyond changing my bank account number and ensuring my checks were better secure.
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Best answer: Keep on top of your account, some banks "helpfully" will withdraw from the new account with old checks or will reopen the account.
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You will never know what happened.

No one will actively investigate this unless it's part of a larger criminal enterprise.
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Best answer: I had the same experience. You are now done. The bank will do nothing. The police will do nothing. No one cares.

You, however, have stared into the abyss of the modern financial system. You will never be the same. The only thing you can do is stare at your account balance on your computer monitor and whisper to yourself "None of it is real" while drinking yourself into oblivion.
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I had some checks stolen from my mailbox and the thieves paid their bills with them. The bank and the police could not have been less interested.
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Best answer: You're never going to find out and neither the police nor the bank care. Just make sure the bank declares it fraud and gives you the money back, and ask them if you need to get a new bank account. Also, set up alerts on your bank account -- after my credit card was stolen, I set all payments and withdrawals to trigger an email. If an email pops up on my phone from my bank with a subject line about a transaction and I didn't just make a transaction, I'll know immediately someone stole my info.
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I got the money back from my bank, closed the compromised account and filed a police report.

Good work.

So... what happens now?


What will the police do?

Nothing. There are thousands of these cases every month. The police will look to organised crime, but one off fraud attempts? No, they'll ignore it.

What else should I do?

Nothing. You get on with your life.
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If it were me, the next step would be to open a frosty. Down a cold beer knowing it could have been worse.
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I did what AppleTurnover did - I set up alerts (text and email) if a withdrawal over a certain amount occurred. I also have a fraud alert on my account (Chase) and they text and call me if a suspicious transaction occurs. These alerts have been a godsend. I've had a couple fraud attempts but was able to shut them down right away and get my money back from the bank.
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