Need a sleeve for the Macbook AIR 13" (not a Macbook Pro).
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Why can't I find a nice, inexpensive sleeve (neoprene, felt, whatever) for my Macbook Air 13" laptop? I want a snug sleeve, not one that will fit any old 13" laptop. The Air is very thin, and it will swim in a sleeve meant for a 13" Macbook Pro. The local Mac Store was no help, nor was eBay, Etsy or Amazon. Unfortunately, I haven't found any to look at where I live either. My ideal price is under $30. Does anyone know of a sleeve that will really fit the 13" Air?
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This is $26.50 and custom-sized. (There seem to be dropdown sizing menus on many of the Etsy listings I'm seeing.) This, from Herschel, is $50.
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This, on Amazon, is $20. The phrase "specifically designed for Macbook Air" may help.
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I have a different bag from the same company so can't speak to this one ($29) directly, but they're custom-sized and mine fits perfectly.
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This isn't under $30 but mine lasted longer than the 13" Air I was using it for. I'm going to get a new one for my MacBook Pro that I replaced it with. Best case I've ever used.
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I used the sleeve that j.edwards links to for a 2011 13-inch MacBook Air and found it to be a nice solution for keeping scratches off the machine without a lot of bulk. It's got a little extra padding on the edge opposite the open side, for use inside a backpack or briefcase; you can buy the sleeve in either a vertical (open on the short side) or horizontal (open on the long side) orientation.
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Côte + Ciel sleeves are well made, though a little above your price point.
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I have the Cache laptop sleeve by Tom Bihn for my Macbook Air 13" and I whole heartedly recommend it. I really like how it uses a snug flap instead of any zippers and it's padded very well. It's exactly $30 (not including shipping) but the build quality is wonderful, sturdy, and made in America.
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I've had foofbags for like a decade (one foofbag for each of the two laptops I've had in that time). They fit nice and snug (they have a separate bag for the Air and the Pro), offer plenty of protection for my purposes, and also they are adorable. They're $47 AUD which is like, $33 USD.
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I've had good luck with sleeves from Foof (made in Sydney) and WeirdOldSnail (made in Tel Aviv).
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I love my felt sleeve by bird and belle, but it is $42
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Seconding bird and belle, though noted it's higher than your desired price. I received mine as a gift, and it's been fantastic.
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Seconding (thirding?) the Acme Made sleeve mentioned by several people. It's bullet proof and tight fitting. It outlasted my first Air!
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I've not used this sleeve in particular, but I've been happy with things I've bought from Radtech in the past. $30.95
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I have this incase neoprene sleeve for my 13" Macbook Air. You just stuff your laptop into the slit, and then stretch the top over to cover. Snug fit. Perfect for what it does for $8 plus shipping. (The description says something about zippers, but you can clearly see in the pictures there are no zippers and at least one reviewer mentioned the same).

I originally got mine at the Apple store, but that was a few years ago, so I guess they change out their stock of 3rd party items.
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I swear by Booq sleves. They are around 10$ more than you want to pay, but well worth the upgrade. I have had mine on a 13" MacBook Air for 3+ years. It shows no signs of wear, and has protected my device while being dragged to and from school every day.
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Response by poster: THANK YOU everyone who answered my query. I followed all the links you provided & they inspired lots more research. Eventually, I realized I needed to protect my fragile $1200 investment with a spendier sleeve. I decided on the Incase Icon at $70, well above my original naive $30 price point. Again, THANKS. The MF community is the best!
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