Who's doing the marketing for the upcoming Deadpool movie?
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Is it Fox's interior people? An outside ad agency? Several agencies? The posters and tv/internet spots have been consistently hilarious with a particular tone, so I'm really curious, but can't find any answers via Googling.
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Response by poster: I assume that you're actually leaning towards figuring out who's responsible for the tone/style, not the actual executions.

I'd like any information really. The entire thing is genius and would love to know anyone who's involved.
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Unless you've already tried this - you could elect to call Fox on the phone (maybe, publicity?) and say what you said above in the original post. ;) I suspect you'd get transferred at least a few times, or given other numbers to call. But while it is true that often people in the universe will stonewall you about things or pass the buck, you'd be surprised how much you can often find out by just asking nicely.
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