Sausage Party in Los Angeles?
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So, I'm back from my Portland trip and back in Los Angeles. I'm going to miss the overcast skies, the smallness of the place, the good public transit, the biking, and all the great friends I have there, but I'm seriously going to miss the crazy variety of sausages. Is there anywhere in LA I can get something like this huge variety of sausages? And if not, what is wrong with LA? 8 million people could eat a whole lot of sausages.
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Just to clarify, you're looking to cook the sausages yourself, not for a restaurant?
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Maybe Huntington Meats?
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Response by poster: Yep. Looking to cook the sausages myself.
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European Deluxe Sausage Kitchen (also has South African sausages)

Jeff's Gourmet Kosher Sausage Factory

Huntington Meats at the Farmer's Market

The market at Alpine Village

Any decent German deli should offer at least a few classics, and ditto decent Italian delis. I haven't been to Van Nuys German Deli in a while, but I got some good weisswurst and bratwurst there.
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European Gourmet Sausage on San Fernando in Glendale is a German butcher who makes the best cold cuts. Look for the fine German liver sausage.

Schreiner's Deli and Market in Montrose sells the best Bratwursts in town. Also check out Berolina bakery next to them for buns and other baked goodness.
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EGS also has Nuremberger style brats which nobody else seems to carry.
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Belcampo and A Cut Above make sausage. Not the hugest selection but they may have something interesting that you won't easily find elsewhere.
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+1 for Wurstkuche, I live in the PNW and that place would fit right in here.
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+1 for European Deluxe although its the biltong that brings me out of the way to go there.
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Response by poster: I'm sorry to inform metafilter that Huntington Meat no longer has many of the sausages listed on their webpage. The butcher their advised me he hadn't heard of most of stranger sausages listed there and he had worked there years.
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