Detail My Ride . . . Difficulty Level: NYC
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Can anyone in the NYC area recommend an auto detailing shop that can manage light paint correction and scratch repair work?

My car is a couple of years of NYC alternate-side street parking old, and winter has taken its toll. I want to get it detailed and have a few light scratches (mostly in the clearcoat) ranging from an inch to a few inches long removed that might take more than just a claybar and polishing (that is, there might be some sanding and spraying entailed to do it right -- commercial compounds don't get rid of these scratches entirely and my fingernail can catch on them).

Do you, car-owning NYC mefite, have a shop in the NYC metro area (could be out of town a bit) that you use and recommend? I'm interested in quality of work more than saving money or quick turnaround. I am not interested in any sort of mobile detailing operation.
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Best answer: A friend, who is very particular about his car, likes Steinway Auto Inc (also known as Jimmy's) on 34th Ave & 41st St in Astoria: (718) 274-2338
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AAA should be able to put you in touch with someone if you're a member.
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Response by poster: Thanks Pineapplicious.

I continue to hope for further *specific* recommendations in the NYC area from detailers people have actually used themselves but I looked into Jimmy's and they do seem well respected. Will give them a call.
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