Stuck in Dubai, could use some help
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Visa problem, could use some help

So I'm travelling and got myself stuck in Dubai. It's my own fault, I failed to get a visa to enter India, which I knew I needed, but assumed that like other countries (ie Turkey) you could handle that either at the airport from where you are departing, or when you arrive.

So I checked into a cheap hotel and have two days until the Indian embassy here opens. My question is whether or not they will grant me (American citizen living in England) a travel visa, or if they will only do so for a UAE citizen or Indian citizen. If so, I'll need to head back to England (I have a visa there so I should be able to demonstrate residency) to get it and postpone my trip. Also, if anyone is around Dubai, I'm bored as hell in this bizzare city that makes Las Vegas seem natural.
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Always check the State Department, Foreign Entry Requirements page before traveling to another country. Never assume you can travel with only a passport. You could probably check with the American embassy or consulate there to see if there is anything they can help with. I doubt it though.
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INDIA - *Passport and visa required. Tourist visas require 1 application form, 2 photos, proof of sufficient funds, onward/return ticket, and $150 fee. Visa must be obtained before arrival. Include prepaid envelope for return of passport by certified mail. AIDS test required for all students and anyone over 18 staying 1 year or more; U.S. test from well-known lab accepted. For information about business visas and other requirements, consult the Embassy of India, 2536 Massachusetts Ave., NW, Washington, DC 20008 (202/939-9806/9899) or nearest Consulate General: Chicago (312/595-0405), Houston (713-626-2355), New York (212/774-0600) or San Francisco (415/668-0683). Internet:

Also consider just ignoring them and go on with your trip. As long as you are there already. If you are caught they will simply kick you out.
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Best answer: According to the visa section of the web site for the Embassy of India in Abu Dhabi:
Applicants other than UAE nationals should submit proof of permanent residence in the country. In its absence, a reference will be made to their country of residence at an additional fee of Dhs.50/- with an additional processing time of 7 days.
So it does indeed look like it is possible for an American citizen who is a resident of England to obtain a visa to enter India from the Indian mission located in the United Arab Emirates. However, you may well have to wait an additional seven days beyond the time it normally takes to get a visa at that embassy (apparently next working day).

If you're a permanent resident of England it is possible it might be faster, albeit more expensive, to return to England to obtain an Indian visa. However, they only mention that British passport holders can get their visas on the same day. If you're a permanent resident of the United States despite the fact that you currently reside in England, I think only the Indian mission located in the United States is certain to offer a rapid visa (apparently same-day for applications received at the counter).
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Oops, can that advice. For a second I thought you were in India.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys, that 7 day answer was exactly what I was looking for. Sometimes this community can come through in a pinch. And yeah, now I know better, I should check.
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Well, at least you are stuck in a place like Dubai and there are plenty of things to do there. Have fun taking an agra on the creek! Just don't get caught doing anything illegal!
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Response by poster: Yeah, this place is insane. It's weird enough hearing Christmas carols everywhere I go, but the bright lights and phoniness are beginning to get to me. Thanks again guys.
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Other than waiting in line, getting an Indian visa from your local consulate isn't that big of a deal. Next time find their website and you should be able to download pdf files of the forms you'll need.

Also, a friend was recently stranded in Dubai due to a delayed flight from India and had a great time taking a desert safari trip.
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