How to fix a CRT scratch?
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My CRT monitor has a scratch on it. Can it be fixed or made less noticeable?

After transporting my 19" monitor in the back of a car for two hours, there is now a small scratch on the center bottom of the screen that has a dark spot on it. At first I thought it was dirt, but feeling it with my fingernail and trying to clean it, it is indeed a scratch. I am not sure if it is the glass that was scratched or a coating on the screen. Is there any way to fix it, or at least make it less noticeable?

It's a NEC Multisync 97F. One website I found suggested wiping the coating off of it with oven cleaner, but that sounds pretty risky...
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I'm pretty sure that the anti glare coating on the screen would need to be punctured before the glass would scratch. I therefore assume that you have scratched the coating rather than the glass.

Personally I have had a similar experience with my Sony 21" CRT a few years back. I can recall the glare coating started to peel in parts and I rang Sony to ask them what the go with this was. They quickly informed me that the coating could not be repaired and hinted that I should try to claim a new monitor under warranty. I'm guessing you don't have this luxury available to you though. Or do you?

Anyway, not sure how far your searching extended before this post, but my Googling did find this topic. Some of the solutions there sound genuine enough. How much does the scratch bother you though? I mean enough to nuke the whole anti glare coating? Seems a tad extreme to me.
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There are scratch-filling compounds that people use on iPods. That's lucite (or something like it) rather than glass and antiglare coating, but a similar product might exist. I wonder whether there might be a watch-repair product you could use.
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Anyone know if those windshield-repair places could/would do whatever "pressurized-goop into the crack" magic to the screen?

A whole secondary market for them, right there.
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Try Armor-All.
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