iTunes Alternative Please
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I need an alternative to iTunes. I just want my music to be sorted by artist, album and song, make playlists and get all of that onto my iPod. I have Windows 10 and my iPod is an older one, appears to be version 2.0.5. I'm willing to pay for this. Please don't suggest Media Monkey, I couldn't figure how to work it and I think it was way too much for my needs.
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Foobar for your player, and MusicBrainz to organize (if not already done). Winamp still works really well if you don't install the crap that comes with it.
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Yeah, i'd recommend an old version of Winamp. I think I used 8.something for years.
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Foobar seems to be doing the trick. I had to download some "iPod manager" widget from them too, but it seems to be working well. Thank you!
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Use Media Monkey, you bastard.
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