How to prove that Uber and Raiser are the same entity?
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I have a friend who is applying for a loan. He doesn't speak great English (nor read it well) and yet he was able to prepare a tax return in 2014 on his own. The issue is, due to an error that he made on the form, the underwriter wants proof that Uber and Raiser are the same company... something official or at least authoritative. I have Googled profusely and I can't find this. Anyone know where I can get it? He does NOT have his user agreement from 2014.
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Will this Uber blog post do? It notes:

Rasier is a wholly owned subsidiary of Uber Technologies Inc. that partners with ridesharing drivers. All ridesharing drivers have a contract with Rasier.
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Nevada legal documentation:

Here is a court document showing that Raiser is an Uber subsidiary:

Statement on Uber's blog (effectively a press release) that refers to Raiser as a wholly owned subsidiary:
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Note the different spelling - "Rasier" not "Raiser." That might be part of the trouble. Even Uber spells it both ways, and lots of people misspell it online but it appears that the official name is Rasier LLC.
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Thank you all. This will do!!!!!
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Have you contacted Uber support?
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