Looking for an OS X HP ScanJet 7400C driver
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I need OS X drivers for a HP ScanJet 7400C. HP does not offer the OS X drivers for download, rather you must purchase them. I have checked DriverGuide. I have tried the VueScan demo and TWAIN SANE, but neither works with the scanner's document feeder. Does anyone happen to have the drivers?
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Not that I agree with the situation, but is it worth $10 of your time to hunt these down? I was curious to see the charges, and that doesn't seem like a terrible amount if you don't figure in the harm done to the cause of free drivers for all.
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While I agree with kcm's point about valuing your own time, I think its incredibly lame that HP isn't just offering these for download. $10 probably doesn't give them much or any profit. I wonder if its a licensing issue -- maybe they've used 3rd party software and need to control and account for its distribution.
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Odd. It looks like Apple Site says that as of 10.3, the 7400 series has support built into OS X. Or maybe that's just for whatever ICA is.

maybe they've used 3rd party software and need to control and account for its distribution.

Hopefully they'd also account for the fact that this is yet another reason for people to buy something else. Sheer lameness. And I've already been hearing enough bad things about HP products over the last 2-3 years.

kcm's right, though. If the drivers don't come with the OS, and you can't download them from HP's site, and you really want or have to keep this thing, pay the $10 rather than frittering away too much more time. If I'd bought it and had to pay for drivers, it would have to be a heckuva product for me not to return it. Either way, I hope you make a hobby out of highlighting the problem here.

Finally, I don't know if it's relevant to your problem, but here's an interesting article on OS X and scanners.
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Usually when you have to pay for HP drivers the installer includes JetSuite Fax which it appears HP doesn't own.
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The FAQ for the SANE Avision backend claims that the 7400c works for them, but notes that:

...the 7400 needs to be some tweaking for ADF. Please try the latest beta release from the URL above.

Does 'ADF' stands for Automated Document Feeder? You might have more luck with their beta version.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions everyone.

I prefer to work in OS X for the sake of AppleScript, but I was able to test it under Windows XP. Under XP, the ADF (Automated Document Feeder) does not seem to work unattended. The software brings up a dialog asking what program to send it to, such as Paint, HP-Save For Web or Notepad for each page. That seems rather stupid!

It would be so much simpler if it could save them all in one location sequentially naming each page. That feature is available with some scanners that don't even have an ADF. I'm worried that the OS X drivers would not be any better.
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