Fastest route to ANY degree with 3 years uni credit from 10 years ago?
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What is the fastest route to a degree for someone with three years worth of general University education (but no degree) from a state university, roughly 10 years ago, who is no longer geographically close to that university? Assume that the degree field itself doesn't matter (it literally doesn't in my situation.)

I was at university and for personal reasons, never finished my degree. I had roughly 3 years of university credit. I've been gainfully employed since, am currently at a management level, but will likely need to change companies in the near-mid term. I've started looking at positions at my level and they all require "a 4 year degree", either in my field or with field experience (which I have.) Essentially the degree itself doesn't matter, but having it does. I was pursuing an English degree at the time, so it's fairly bog-standard general education. I had done everything save for the upper-level major-specific courses.

Is the credit any use to me at all now? Is there any way to salvage the credit as a person who works full-time, is on-call 24-7 as part of job responsibility, and doesn't have a particularly large surplus of income? If a degree isn't possible, do other certifications of three years of college that would be meaningful on a resume exist that I could potentially look at? I recently completed a US Dept of Labor recognized Apprenticeship, but that doesn't seem to be particularly useful.
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You can transfer those credits to Thomas Edison State University and get your degree online. While there are multiple online options, Thomas Edison is good because it is part of the State of New Jersey higher ed system and they don't distinguish at all between graduates from the online program and graduates from the campus program. It's the same degree.

It's $520 per credit or $9,036 for a full year of 36 credits for out of state students. Standard financial aid is available.
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Look to see if any of the colleges/universities near you have a degree completion program or something similar. I'm also a returning adult student and I chose my current school based on that, and the fact that I can take almost all my classes online. They were very liberal with what they accepted from my previous school, and because I'm going to a state school the tuition is fairly reasonable.
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My cousin has only positive things to say about ASU Online, which specializes in degree completion and has staggered start dates and many choices of major. They're also generous with accepting credits that other schools might declare expired after ten years. I'm partial to Penn State's program myself, but ASU is definitely faster and, I think, cheaper (although cousin is letting Starbucks pay; my employer covers 90%).
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I'm a master of transferring credits!

I did 3 years as an English Major at ASU (in the 80's before there even WAS an on-line) and transferred the credits to a California State University. I only did 3 semesters and Poof! I was done! Easy peasy.

Go to your friendly, local State institution and see what their policy is for transfer students. Then go there and do that.

I agree, it really doesn't matter what degree, just that you have one. So you may as well stick with English.

Good luck!
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The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has a variety of online undergraduate programs; tuition for online classes is equal to instate rates no matter where you're at. I have a friend who works there, so if you want more information about your options, feel free to memail me.
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You should contact that university. My university has a ton of degree completion programs for folks like you.
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