My cat itches like crazy( his anus) . Anyone with same issue?
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My cat itches like crazy( his rear back) . He was given prednisone for a few days but that is not the solution. Did anyone had some issue with the cat scratching his/her rear back?
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Could be a constipation, an anal gland irritation, or allergies. Have you changed its food recently? What else did the vet say?
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What did the vet say? Because that sounds like worms. You'll want to disinfect the house if this is the case. Check your cat's feces. Don't touch it, obviously. Just look. Then book a new vet appointment.
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If this is the area right above his tail, it may be fleas.
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We are still dealing with this. After a long period of prednisone, the vet suggested this fall to bring her in weekly for sulfur dips. Its a weekly process over the course of a month or so. It took us a few months to find a good window for that. After two dips, she seems to be doing much better. Perhaps ask your vet about dips if this continues?
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I'm assuming kitty is under a vet's care and they're trying to find out what's going on. In the meantime, you might try putting kitty on a grain-free diet - giving him food like Wellness Core dry and canned food that is made without cheap filler grains. My cat Dany had an inflammatory condition called stomatitis, and going grain-free really helped her.
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Mine does this when he's constipated. He's also a plastic bag chewer, which probably adds to the issue. We've been giving him more fiber in his meals which has helped.
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