Weird SMS message, purportedly from Facebook...but mine is turned off!
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Due to various happenings, I temporarily deactivated my Facebook account several weeks ago. However, today I got a message from (326) 651-00 reading "[Friend's name] shared [not a friend's name, someone I don't even know] post.[various characters]. Reply with your comment or "like"." I did not open the link...

Searching for this number, it MIGHT be a legitimate Facebook number, but why would I be getting SMS messages if my account is deactivated? There's no way I could be tagged, right? Why messages about a seemingly random person? What's going on here?
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It sounds like spam to me in that they're sending it to many people, perhaps because a friend's account got hacked? I'd just block the number and let the friend know and see what happens. I deleted my Facebook account many years ago and occasionally I'll get spam (to my email) that looks like very believable Facebook status updates. If it continues, you could look into other solutions.
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Contacted friend, it was indeed something they shared. I was able to turn off Facebook text alerts. Thanks!
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BTW, the way to stop SMS from Facebook is simply to reply to the message with "off" (no quotation marks), once you make sure it's legitimate, of course.
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So glad it was a legitimate message and a quick fix!
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