Can I eat warmish uncured beef hot dogs?
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It's a desperate kind of food night and I ordered Applegate Uncured Beef hot dogs to have with leftover chili. They came via Amazon Prime Now and felt room temperature. I wouldn't think twice but they caution "NOT PRESERVED, KEEP REFRIGERATED BELOW 40 DEGREES AT ALL TIMES" on the label. Does that matter if I fully cook it? Couldn't find anything on the FDA site and I'm juggling a teething baby.
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Best answer: The "uncured" bit combined with "warmish" makes me think no. How would taking care of the teething baby be with food poisoning? Make Amazon give you a refund.
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Best answer: I wouldn't, because you don't know if they were stored at room temperature for an extended period of time. An hour or two at room temp during delivery is one thing, several weeks on the shelf somewhere is another entirely.
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Best answer: No. Do Not Eat. It's unpreserved, unrefrigerated meat.
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Best answer: Egad no. No no no. Unless you wish my post here to become eponysterical, do not eat.
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Best answer: Return and get money back
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Response by poster: Ok, great points all. I hope it won't affect the delivery driver at all if I call for a refund. She was an incredibly sweet grandmother. There's an element of guilt here for sure. Thanks, will not eat.
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Best answer: I asked a question about Amazon HR policies re: possible employee error (whether they were likely to result in an employee being disciplined or terminated) and the consensus seemed to be no, if it makes you feel better.

That question also occasioned one of the snarkiest responses I've ever received in Ask. It was mean. I appreciate that you care about potential impact on the employee!
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it's my understanding you can't cook out botulism toxin from spoiled food.
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Botulinum toxin is destroyed by cooking at 85C or higher for five minutes or more.
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