Where can I find episodes of Takeshi's Castle?
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Where can I find episodes of Takeshi's Castle?

Of course I got hooked on the slapstick action of MXC, but I find the over-the-top dubbing to be a bit painful. I'd love to find the original episodes, but Google has failed me.

Has anyone found episodes for download or sale anywhere?
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Watching SpikeTV right now, are you? ;-)

I looked all over the place a few months ago, without success.
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Not sure of the quality of these, but *Cough*
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Watch out - the UK version of Takeshi's Castle features a commentary from Craig Charles (star of Red Dwarf) which is far more painful than the dubbing on MXC.

In fact, when I saw MXC for the first time, I was relieved that the dubbing was actually quite amusing, as opposed to Charles' professional Scouse wittering.

Also - weren't the original episodes of Takeshi's Castle a few hours long?
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I'll have to check out the torrents, thanks...

I was really hoping someone out there would have left it in Japanese and just subtitled it. As for watching SpikeTV, I don't really. My wife was actually asking me if I could find it, oddly enough.
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