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Any good Salesforce resources that get into more complex Approval Processes than the Workbook?

So my company is shoving a square peg in a round hole, and using Salesforce in some ways it wasn't designed for. And long story short, I've been assigned to do the very complex Approval Processes on the DB because I'm the only person in the department who finished the tutorial workbook. Are there any good books or other resources that get into more Approval details?

Difficulty level - they told me it's due tomorrow, and I'm in Japan so there's no time to ask specific questions on a forum.

Oh also, my coding skills are 'vaguely remembers a little html,' and 'took that one class in Access 6 years ago.' Though I'm pretty good at the logic end of it, and found the workbook to be pretty straightforward.
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Apex is the coding language used in Salesforce, it's pretty straightforward, but you're not going to learn it and build an approval process overnight.

Tell your folks that what they're asking is unreasonable, because it is.

Are you using a sandbox? Will you have user acceptance testing?

A great resource is Salesforce itself. You can create a log in for the Success Community. Search the topics and ask specific questions. There's a Developer community and an Admin community, I'd recommend hanging out in the Developer community.

Check into Triggers, they work really well in approval processes.

Good luck!
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Meant to link to the Help Community:
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Whoah whoah whoah. This sounds like you're being set up for all kinds of failure. Aside from the timeframe to deploy this being totally unreasonable, part of the "Big Idea" of SFDC is that you can create all kinds of complex workflows via the configuration UI. It's a job for a SF Admin, not a developer. Is anyone in your company a certified Admin, or at least a trained one? You need that, not a coder for this.

I assume you've seen this, right?
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