Heart of a Dog
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I saw Heart of a Dog, Laurie Anderson's new film last weekend. I'm pretty big fan of hers and ... meh. The film did have it's moments though ...

One of those moments is when her dog was getting near the end of it's life and how the veterinarian was perhaps too eager to put the dog down. She consulted some guru (a Buddhism monk I think) and the monk said something about letting the dog die on it's own and it was very poignant, something I have always thought, but he said it beautifully and I can't remember the words. I can't find a clip on the internet. I can't find the text of the film. Can you help?
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I was struck by this too. Its about how you should let the animal approach death on its own terms. You can hear it on the soundtrack album, track 15.
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There it is. Thank you.

Animals are like people. They approach death and they back away. And it's a process and you don't have the right to take that from them.
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