Where cn I buy a cheap Santa Suit in San Francisco?
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Where can I buy a cheap Santa Suit in San Francisco?

sfsantafilter: I need a Santa Suit by this Saturday. It doesn't have to be fancy or withstand any children sitting on my lap. I just need to look like Santa on Saturday. I'm a slacker, and I didn't leave myself enough time to order a suit from one of those cheap santa suit places online. A search on google local turned up this place (which I was sooo excited to find), but when I went to go check it out, I found a shuttered store.

Anyone know where I can find a cheap Santa Suit here in San Francisco? I tried Costumes on Haight, but their cheapest is like $150.. I'm thinking more like $50.
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Do you need to look like a real santa, or like a Santarchy santa?
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Faced with the same issue last weekend, I went to national chain Party City. Not super unique, but they do have (fairly) cheap stuff and a pretty good selection. Here's a list of California locations.
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you could try this place in redwood city, which mostly has lots of cheesy costumes of the pretty standard variety. bet you could find one there if they're not all sold out.
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Target has one for $40, but only in-store, not online.
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If it's still there, there is a costume rental place in Los Altos called "The Costume Bank". Rates were reasonable 5 years ago...
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See you at Santarchy :)
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thanks everyone... see you all saturday.. :-)
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There's a costume place at 28th and Church, I don't know if they have Santa costumes though. Or they might be sold out.

I was also told that Walgreens might have them.

Luckily, a friend is coming up from LA today to participate in Santarchy with me, so while I'm at work he will have the job of running down a Santa suit for me. Hopefully he will succeed. If so, see you guys Saturday :-)
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