Brass Rubbing Origin
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Brass Rubbings My parents did these brass rubbings in the early 1970's. Mom isn't sure where these two were done. Anyone know? Image Link
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How big are they? That might help someone if they think they recognise the brass.
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Anything on the back?
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We had similar ones in my childhood home that we'd done on a family trip to Westminster Abbey in the early 80's, if that helps.
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Someone who is knowledgeable about costumes could come close to pinning down the era. I think the woman's cap looks like it was trendy when Mary Queen of Scots was a young woman, but IDK.
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These look first half of the sixteenth century to me, based on the shoes, ruff, sleeves, etc. Assuming they are a matched pair, they are probably tomb brasses of a married couple.
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LARGE Vintage England King And Queen Brass Rubbings Mounted

Not much help as far as additional information, though...
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Did your parents go on a vacation to London in the early 1970s? The Church of St. Martin in the Field has a ton of different brass pieces you can do rubbings of, down in the crypt. We had giant one in my house growing up.
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"Brass memorial" may be a helpful term. I've searched variations on brass memorial wife Tudor, but no dice yet.

You may want to get in touch with the Monumental Brass Society.
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Response by poster: We actually lived in England for three years while my father was in the Air Force. They did several brass rubbings during that time, so these aren't necessarily from the most popular place. I'll ask my mom, but as I recall, these aren't large. Maybe 3' tall? I could be wrong though. I'll ask in the morning.
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Best answer: In that case, please ask her where they were, and then head over to the Ashmolean Museum's index of brass rubbings and the brass rubbings collection. Maybe something will pop based on proximity? More resources.
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