USB Phone connection
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Just got a USB Telbox to connect normal phone to Computer via USB, so i can use skype AND normal phone. Connected per instructions, configured firewall, system shows all hardware there but no ringtone, no work! OS XP pro, Zone Alarm Pro, DSL
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Is your Windows firewall still blocking it?

It might be worth quitting Windows firewall (if it's still running), then trying. If no, put Windows firewall back up. Take down Zone Alarm. Try. If no, take down Windows, try. If no, then it's not your firewalls. Firewalls go back up. Just eliminates one possible factor (firewalls).
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Tried that, not the firewalls. Have also uninstalled and reinstalled, and tried a completely seperate phone line. Nada.
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Does the phone work normally (always a good test)? Is it a cordless/wireless? Are you in Europe/US/Other as regions have different telephone standards? What brand of telbox is it and have you checked any support forums they might have?
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Phone works fine, not cordless. In UK, Brand a bit evasive: calls itself "USB Telbox" made by "Sedna", box shows '' which draws a blank.. Can't find forums but waiting for tech help from Skype, (2 days so far...Skype logo is on the box and instructions specifically refer to Skype) Bought from MicroDirect in UK who are looking into it.
Well...good hobby for Christmas. Phone cable provided has two connection metal strips instead of normal four. Have tried with a four lead as well; used other usb connections, hubs...could try my old desktop or my laptop I suppose.
Thanks for help so far
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Hmmm - the cable wasa going to be my best guess :-/

Check out this thread and see if it's of relevance. Other than that - I'm a-stumped.
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Not sure if it is right but seem to have found out that I need a DECT cpmpatable phone which is also GAP compatable. The sign of a GAP compatable phone is the two lead cable, so it looks as though the phone might need to be changed. Waiting for a very nice Dutch person on another forum to come back to me, will post the answer if I get it..
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